- dreamsz -

1. pandora's box
2. fata mirage
3. california Sees you
4. passers by
5. rOar -bonus- 

Katie Blackstock - Vocals
David Tomer-Rapaport (STITCX) - Buitar, Vocals 
Joseph Braley
- Drums

On a CD - four songs and a bonus song that has been handmade cut on the CD to be played on a turntable. Limited numbered Edition.

available on itunes & bandcamp 


liner notes

Produced by STITCX 
Recorded and Mixed by Stitcx at the Magnificent Bandcave except:
Pandora's Box - Recorded at Birdhouse by Dave West
ROAR - Recorded at Basment Session by Johnny Graziadei 
Mastered by Kurt Bloch

Doron Kuchli - Keys on Fata Mirage and Passers By
Evan Jones - Keys on California sees you and Passers By

all music by maszEr 

Lyrics by David-Tomer
Art by Katie
Graphic Design by Ryan Jorgensen

Special thanks - Gerry Amandes, Kurt Bloch, Warren Cowell, Evan M. Jones, Ryan Jorgensen, Doron Kochli, Adam Maccolum, Erik Jon Mickelsen, Emilio Muniz, Orit Rapaport, Amanda Sloan, Landon Thomas, Dave West and all our family of friends.