"Check out the haunting captivity of MASZER's unique sound, and dig deeper on a band with serious promise."


"Here is a little advice: If you have the chance to see MASZER: DO IT. Their hard, tribal sound pounded through the room, enrapturing everyone it touched...the music became transcendent. Its hard edge is softened with a Middle Eastern sounding influence, and there really isn’t another band around that sounds like Maszer."

"Textured and kaleidoscopic, it’s a sound that never gets lost in the clouds... earth-ridden grooves."
kexp - audioasis 

"Seattle based trio Maszer make their debut with DREAMSZ, an EP that builds on a slightly ominous psychedelic backdrop."
kcrw - album preview - maszer dreamsz

"they call the rites of artists from Led Zeppelin to PJ Harvey to create a modern psych spell"
Portland Mercury - show preview - 

"Maszer – an amalgam of David “Stitcx” Rapaport’s guitar wizardry, Katie Blackstock’s haunting and sultry vocals, and Joe Braley’s ferocious drumming. It’s like they took all the deep thoughts you have at 4 am at Burning Man and made it into psychedelic rock and roll in the middle of the Mediterranean desert."
maszer on band in seattle 

"The first time I heard their music, that ancestral percussion hooked me and theunadulterated rock and roll kept me coming back for more." - maszer live show 

"Psychadelic grunge trio channels multinational heritage on debut EP." - maszer-dreamsz-artist-of-the-day 

"Their transcendent musical sound has an enveloping quality that is matched only by the lyrical prowess of vocalist Katie Blackstock."

earthlingsentertainment - minds-music-behind-maszer

"Every night there is art and music that makes you rethink things and appreciate this town for how inspiring it is." - hometown guide to seattle

"Eclectic psych rock trio, MASZER, recently announced the release of their upcoming EP."

kryptonitemusic - interview-maszer



"this offering is a unique blend not easily accomplished, but these guys seem to perfect. CrypticRock gives DREAMSZ 4 out of 5 stars.." - dreamsz - album - review

"Rapaport and his bandmates have been around enough to have some perspective on how and why we do this whole band thing." -track premiere - california sees you

"Sonically, “Pandora’s Box” is a haunting, slow-moving number... dreamsz produced by Rapaport, explores themes of spirituality and existentialism."

american song writer - song premiere - pandora's box

"The newest mind expanding band to emerge from our city of Seattle is psychedelic rock trio."

kiro fm - my Northwest

"After touring the world with Reignwolf, opening for The Pixies and Black Sabbath, musicians David T. Rapaport and Joseph Braley teamed up with Seattle-based singer Katie Blackstock."

kexp - song of the day

like a magnet picking up loose screws, the fans keep accumulating - maszer interview

"Midday Show host Cheryl Waters recently called maszer "my new favorite local band"

kexp - music that matters

"Fata Mirage sounds like three o’clock in the morning at a Burning Man festival".


"MASZER weaves a sonic blanket that draws on Middle Eastern melodies and West African rhythms."

northwest music scene

"MASZER! Back on the wet coast, by way of world tours w/ Sabbath & Pixies, we found ourselves in Ballard, hanging, excited, playing all new jams."

macefield music festival

David T. Rapaport (aka STITCX) and Joseph Braley... Together with Katie Blackstock, the trio have formed maszer and last week they released their debut single,“Fata Mirage”.

the revue