What is pouring steel brick

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      Bricks should be familiar to everyone. There are many types of bricks, including ordinary bricks, sintered bricks, and many medium bricks. Manufacturers have developed a lot of medium models when designing according to the different needs in different places. Today we are talking about pouring steel bricks. Few people know what is pouring steel bricks. Let ’s take a look.
      According to the relevant national standards, our cast steel bricks are oil products such as oil clay, shale, coal gangue, and fly ash, which are baked at high temperature. This kind of brick is called cast steel brick. One thing you need to pay attention to is Clay bricks in steel bricks are relatively inefficient in construction due to their lower energy consumption than large blocks, so they are banned in major and medium cities in China. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the promotion and application of sintered porous bricks and sintered hollow bricks to develop new wall materials according to local conditions. Fly ash bricks, coal gangue bricks, shale bricks, etc., as well as various blocks and plates, which are produced using industrial waste materials, are gradually being developed, and ordinary sintered bricks should be gradually replaced.
      Friends who use steel bricks more may know its specific performance. If you want to know more about steel bricks, you can continue to pay attention to our website. We will update you from time to time. I hope everyone can enjoy the knowledge of using and choosing more steel bricks.
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