What causes the flow steel brick to turn black

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      We should not be unfamiliar with bricks. There are many types of bricks. We must know that bricks are not only used in architectural decoration. Manufacturers also specially design decorative bricks when designing, so if bricks are used for decoration, they will be affected if there are defects. Beautiful. Today we come to understand why flow steel bricks turn black? What are the reasons: One, the reason why the flow steel brick manufacturers introduced that the black color appears is because the excessive coal input may be caused by the coal accumulated at the bottom of the kiln is not completely burned and clean.
      2. The other reason for the blackening of the flow steel brick is that the part that may be in contact with the brick during the production of the brick body appears black due to the deposition of carbon.
Thirty-three, in order to solve this problem, we must pay attention to the quality of coal. The amount of ash must be mastered, not too much and not too little.
      4. In the production of flow steel bricks, a small amount of multiple additions must be made when putting in external coal, and the fuel must be fully burned, so that blackhead bricks can be reduced.
Therefore, if you want to produce stream steel bricks with high quality, you must strictly control the production process of the manufacturer. During the firing process, you must always observe the firing conditions of the stream steel bricks and do not rush to achieve success. If you want to buy cost-effective flow steel bricks, you need to pay more attention when choosing a manufacturer.
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